28th Congress of ECTRIMS

For a quarter of a century, ECTRIMS has served as Europe’s and the world’s largest professional organisation dedicated to the understanding and treatment of multiple sclerosis.

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ECTRIMS mission and goals
The European Committee for Treatment and Research in Multiple Sclerosis (ECTRIMS) is an independent representative European-wide organisation devoted to multiple sclerosis  (MS).
To facilitate communication, create synergies, and promote and enhance research and learning among professionals for the ultimate benefit of people affected by MS.
ECTRIMS works with researchers and clinicians of its member countries and with other organizations that share similar missions and objectives on a worldwide scale, creating networking and collaboration opportunities. The ultimate goal of ECTRIMS is to improve basic and clinical research and clinical outcomes in MS.



Main Topics
• From environment to MS
• From genetics to MS
• From inflammation to degenerescence
• Adaptative immunity and innate immunity
• Biology of disability accumulation
• Biology of recovery
• From databases and cohorts to pharmacoepidemiology
• Clinical, MR, biological monitoring
• From natural to treated history of MS
• Pregnancy
• Devic’s Neuro-Myelitis Optica
• Cognition

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